Are We loosing Our Freedoms?

Recently my wife and I attended a lecture about the loss of religious freedom in the United States. Yes believe it - in the United States. The lecture was presented by Attorney Hillary Byrnes, Assistant General Counsel of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. Several serious examples were discussed in relation to the Constitution and legal principles and political schemes.


It was an eye opener for me as I thought that Obamacare was the predominate problem. Not so. It is true that the HHS mandate resulting from the "Affordable" Care Act has resulted in several law suits related to the requirement to provide abortion drugs and contraception against some religious beliefs. However other government decisions have resulted in such abuses as Catholic Charities in Boston, San Francisco, D.C. and Illinois being forced to cease providing adoption services because they would not place orphans with same sex couples.


The example that made me realize that religious freedom is under broad attack came from the NYC Board of Education. They stopped renting school rooms on the weekends to small religious organizations.  These are small religious groups without their own churches. The NYC board continues to rent to other organizations so why not struggling churches? The answer is that there is no logical or legitimate reason not to rent the space to any law abiding and responsible group. Renting a room to a religious organization does not mean that the city is establishing a religion any more than renting a room to a cooking class puts the city into the restaurant business.


It is not my intent to discuss every attack against religious freedom here. I urge you to visit the link and read more examples for your self.  And then think about the attacks on free speech as the IRS attempts to muzzle the Tea Parties or Justice’s unprovoked “investigation” of a Fox news reporter.


There must be some root causes of the attacks on religious freedom. Perhaps they have commonality with the attacks on the rest of the First Amendment, speech and the press. The attacks on our way of life all start with a person or persons in a position of real or imagined power. They have an agenda, a desire to impose their will on us. Perhaps some were brought up in the Communist ideology and were let loose upon us when the wall came down. Perhaps others are afraid that those who practice religion will eventually hamper their secular if it feels good do it lifestyle.


The people who are making these decisions are part of the ever expanding, uncontrolled and left leaning government. If we want to keep our freedoms, God given freedoms, it is imperative that we change direction. We must start by taking care to elect men and women with strong moral character at all levels of government, local, state and federal. We can longer afford to elect upon party lines alone.


We cannot let this attack on our freedoms persist. One small loss begets another and then they are all gone.  This year we must make a significant change in our political leadership. I am not just targeting our lying President Obama who has committed several impeachable offenses and continues to erode our society with each executive order. I am not just targeting attorney General Holder who ignores our laws and contrives to hide serious infractions by the administration. The Senate and House of Representatives needs a good cleaning. It does not matter which label they stand behind, Democrat, Republican or Independent.


Our present representation is not living up to the oaths they have all taken – repeatedly in many cases. They have abdicated their responsibility and have allowed the Executive branch to become too powerful. Their desire to continually be re-elected has caused a loss of conscience and courage and promoted a willingness to compromise away good governing and our Constitution. It is time for us to make a point. Put Washington on notice that we will not stand for the loss or our rights and the disregard of our Constitution.


It is time to vote every long standing, Constitution ignoring, pork barrel Senator and Representative out of office. It is especially important to change the mix in the Senate. If the Senate is not changed to be more conservative in the 2014 election then President Obama may have two chances to nominate left wing, socialist judges to the Supreme Court who will then rule for life. The recent rulings by the Supreme Court protecting our rights only protected our religious rights by 1 vote. What freedoms will we loose if the Supreme Court is populated with immoral judges?


How much more power will Congress abdicate to this president or to future Presidents? Congress needs to stop the overthrow of the balance of power. Congress needs to get the message now.


I urge you to vote carefully in the 2014 elections. I urge you to look beyond your state borders and consider supporting, including by donations, those candidates across the country who will be moral and patriotic leaders. And to stop the nomination of Supreme Court justices who could continue on the road to destruction of our Republic I urge you to pay special attention to the 11 key Senatorial races in Montana, North Carolina, South Dakota, West Virginia, Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire and Colorado. Helping these states elect conservative Senators should keep Obama from stacking the Supreme Court.


On our 238th anniversary of the signing of The Declaration of Independence we should decide to help move the country back towards our roots. Do your part. Save our freedoms, starting with freedom of religion and speech


Happy Birthday America!


Charlie Caliri



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